Aikido-Seminar with Takemori Sensei at 19./20. August 2006

Takemori Sensei (7. Dan Aikido, 7. Dan Iaido) was a student of late Nishio Sensei. Aikido, Iaido, Bokken and Jo will be teached.

Location:Jugendsportzentrum, Kollwitzstr. 8, 10405 Berlin

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Tibetan Dream Yoga Practices with John Reynolds

Location: "Wamos", Hasenheide 9, 2nd backyard, 4th floor, 10967 Berlin (Kreuzberg - next subway-station "Hermannplatz", U7 / U8)
Evening lecture: Friday, 31 March 2006, 20 h - approximately 22 h,12 € / red. 9 €
Weekend workshop:Saturday, 1 April 2006 and Sunday, 2 April 2006: Sa., 10 – 13 h, 15 – 19 h (including tea break) and So., 10 – 12 h, 14 – 16 h , 120 € / 90 €

Normally, we human beings spend at least a third of our lifetime in sleep and dreaming. Nevertheless, it is possible to engage in a dialogue with our dreams, receiving portents of the future, and even to become awake and self-aware in them, experiencing what is generally known as “lucid dreaming.” Becoming conscious in our dreams without awakening from sleep, we may come to find ourselves as masters of our dreams and be able to transform them, even practicing meditation while asleep and journeying in a dream-body to explore other worlds and dimensions of existence. Moreover, dream yoga represents an excellent training to prepare us for dying and the after-death-experience known as the Bardo, where, as is the case with the dream state, we are confronted with the visions of our past karma as virtual realities. In this course, we shall explore some of the methods found in the shamanistic and tantric Bon tradition of Ancient Tibet and Central Asia, including Dzogchen, used by the Bonpo Lamas of Tibet to realize lucid dreams and bring about their transformation, which in turn will affect the waking state life and consciousness of the individual.

John M. Reynolds(Lama Vajranatha) is a writer and lecturer who has studied Sanskrit, Tibetan, Buddhist Philosophy, and Comparative Religion at several American universities. Living for ten years in Hindu Ashrams and Buddhist Monasteries in India and Nepal, he researched and practiced meditation methods in several different traditions, focusing especially on the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet. In 1974 he received ordination as a Ngakpa Lama in the Nyingmapa Order of Tibetan Buddhism. Since then he has taught widely in Europe and America, giving lectures and workshops on Buddhist Meditation and personal development. His published translations from Tibetan include a number of important works dealing with Dzogchen, such as: The Alchemy of Realization, The Cycle of Day and Night, Self-Liberation, The Golden Letters, The Oral Tradition of Zhang-zhung, Witches and Dakinis, and the forthcoming Path of the Clear Light and Space, Awareness, and Energy.

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Aikido Seminar with Stefan Stenudd

Place: Berlin Mitte
Time: 29.4. - 1.5.2006
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Qigong (Chan Mi Gong) seminars in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

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